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(Lock Sold Separately)


#LOS2151 Removable Push Button and Rotary Switch Cover

  • Prohibits access to a switch or control
  • Fits both 30.5mm and 22.5mm diameter switches
  • Clear bases and cover allow visibility of nameplates and labels
  • Horse-show shaped retrofit base allows use with raised nameplates and off-center installation to accommodate rotary switch knobs
  • Accommodates buttons up to 50mm diameter and 45mm tall
  • Includes one cover, one new install base and one retrofit base with double-faced adhesive tape
Quantity: LOS2151 - Cover $18.95
Quantity: LOS2154AST - Retrofit Base 12/pkg $18.95

(Lock Sold Separately)

#LOS2153 Installed Push Button and Rotary Switch Cover

  • Prohibits access to a switch or control
  • Captured by the rotary or pushbutton switch bezel
  • Fits both 30.5mm and 22.5mm diameter switches
  • Clear base and cover allow visibility of nameplates and labels
  • Accommodates buttons up to 40mm diameter and 45mm tall
Quantity: LOS2153 - $16.50

(Lock Sold Separately)

Rotating Electrical Plug Lockout

Two sizes to choose from:
*2-1/4" dia. X 3-1/4" with cord dia. up to 3/4" (Most 110v and many 220v)
Cost:  $8.95 / each

*3" dia. X 6" with cord dia. up to 3/4" (Most 220v and many 550v)
Cost:  $11.95 / each

Quantity: LO487 - 2-1/4" x 3-1/4" $8.95
Quantity: LO488 - 3 " x 6 " $11.95

(Lock Sold Separately)

#LOS2005 Electrical Plug Blade Lockout / $7.45 each

  • Compact design lockouts locks out smaller 110-120 volt plugs
  • Fits two prong plugs with and without ground
  • Can be used with any Master Lock or American Lock safety padlock or hasp
Quantity: LOS2005 - $7.45


#LO7C5Red Circuit Breaker Switch Lockout / $6.95 each

Fits the tight space constraints within circuit boxes and allows panel doors to be closed on most models.  Includes lock & cable.

Quantity: LO7C5RED - $6.95


#LO496B Universal Wall Switch Lockout / $6.45 each

Uses existing wall plate screws to attach over switch.
Can lock switch in either "OFF" or "ON" position.

Quantity: LO496B - $6.45




#LOS2390/LOS2391 - Miniature Circuit Breaker Lockout / $4.95 each

  • Locks out most miniature ISO/DIN circuit breakers found throughout the world
  • Works with all Master Lock and American Lock safety padlocks and hasps
Quantity: LOS2390 - 11mm op less
Quantity: LOS2391 - 11mm to 13mm


Small Grip Tight Toggle Circuit Breaker Lockout

Fits standard toggle circuit breakers. Heavy steel construction and tight fit. Comes in 2 sizes. Small fits most 120/240 volt breakers and large fits most 480/600 volt breakers.

Quantity: LO493B - Small $5.95
Quantity: LO491B - Large $7.45

Individual Items

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