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Rotating Gate Valve Lockouts

Made of tough, extreme temperature, thermoplastic, Xenoy bodies
Permanent label can be written on and erased.
One side is English other side is both Spanish & French.
Up to 4 locks can be applied to device

Quantity: Gate Valve Lockout 1 inch to 3 inch $9.95
Quantity: Gate Valve Lockout 2 inch to 5 inch $14.95
Quantity: Gate Valve Lockout 4 inch to 6.5 inch $20.95
Quantity: Gate Valve Lockout 6 inch to 10 inch $25.95
Quantity: Gate Valve Lockout 8 inch to 13 inch $43.95
Quantity: Gate Valve Set One Each of LO480-LO484 $99.95


#LO468L Seal Tight Ball Valve Lockout / $20.95 each

Effectively locks out all ball valves from 3/8" to 4"

  • Patent-pending innovative design eliminates the risk of valve reactivation be movement of the handle
  • With Seal Tight, remove and store the handle and conceal the valve stem for secure lockout
  • Universal fit-effectively lock out all valves from 3/8" to 4"
  • Works in virtually all valve installations--metal and PVC valves, insulated pipes, pipes mounted close a wall of ceiling and valves with tight access due to close proximity to other valves or pipes
  • Easy to use--simple to apply with an intuitive wrapping strap and locking mechanism
  • Lightweight, flexible device is easily carried to the job and then folded for compact storage in safety toolboxes
  • Includes write-on erasable labels in English, French & Spanish
  • Constructed of durable PVC polyester fabric and HDPE plastic
  • Performs effectively to withstand corrosive environments and operates in extreme conditions (temperature range -40F to 250F)
Quantity: LO468L - $20.95


#LO453L Lockout Cinch Sack / $20.95 each

Used for oversized plugs and controls

Quantity: LO453L - $20.95



Steering Wheel Cover

Available in 3 sizes
16" Diameter #LO4716 Cost: $28.95/ each
20" Diameter #LO4720 Cost: $37.95 / each
24" Diameter #LO4724 Cost: $43.95 / each

Quantity: LO4716 - 16" $28.95
Quantity: LO4720 - 20 " $37.95
Quantity: LO4724 - 24 " $43.95

Individual Items

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